Command Prompt: 5 basic commands you should know

A command prompt (or just prompt) is a sequence of (one or more) characters used in a command-line interface to indicate readiness to accept commands. It literally prompts the user to take action. In this article, we will discuss 5 basic commands of the command prompt in windows.

1. How to change the directory (folder) in Command Prompt (CMD)

first of all, go to the command prompt. then write in the command prompt cd(change directory) space current drivename\foldername: then press the enter button from the keyboard.

N.B: if you want the folder name be automatic you should press the tab button from the keyboard after the drive name.EX:

photo by: Riyaz Hossain

2.How to get out of a folder in command prompt(CMD)

When you need to go one folder up form the current folder use the command.

photo by: Riyaz Hossain to clear the command prompt(CMD) screen?

to clear the command prompt screen use command

to clear the command prompt screen use cls command

4. How to change the drive in Command Prompt (CMD)

the shortcut command of changing drive is driveName: example:

the other command is (cd /drive name drive name:\folderName )

change the drive location

5. How to view the contents of a directory in Command Prompt (CMD)

to view the all document and content of your current command prompt location the command is

to access a folder we can use dir command

by using command we can open the folder and we can see some of the extra information about folder.

a command prompt is a powerful tool for windows. by using this tool we can work very fast.

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